What is the economic impact of drug legalization ?

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What is the economic impact of drug legalization ? by Mind Map: What is the economic impact of drug legalization ?

1. When and why were drugs banned ?

1.1. Religious prohibition

1.1.1. Sometime after the prophet's death(632), Hijaz jurists preceded to ban the use of alcohol based on their interpretation of Quran verses.

1.1.2. Buddhism both strictly prohibits the use and the making and selling of alcoholic beverages and all kinds of drugs as that is what considered to give a happy llife, and a good living.

1.2. Legal prohibition

1.2.1. Islamic nations prohibited the use of alcohol under sharia law, but certain communities continued using cannabis and derived edible products.

1.2.2. In 1729, emperor Yung Cheng of China, prohibits the sale and consumption of Opium unless it is for medicinal use. This was due to China's large consumption of Opium, and the British stronghold over its supply.

1.2.3. Harrison Narcotics Act(1914) was the first official legislation to include a ban on heroin import for all purposes.

1.2.4. The US ban Alcohol in 1919, due to its perceived negative impact on health and society's morals.

1.2.5. UN introduces The single Convention on Narcotic Drugs in 1961 to control all aspects related to drugs.

2. How much money is the drug market worth ?

2.1. Today's global drug market creates a turnover of over 330 billion dollars a year.

3. Are drugs really bad for you ?

3.1. Opioid users develop a dependency quickly, which leads to ineffective dosing for analgesics, and vulnerability to overdoses and their lethal consequences.

3.2. Use of cocaine and its derivatives has a strong negative impact on physical and mental health, that can be as bad as death.

3.3. Use of all injected drugs increases the risks of HIV transmission as well as other infections

3.4. No lethal deadly overdose of cannabis has been determined for humans, as it is very high.

4. How much does fighting drugs cost globally ?

4.1. US progress reports show that the US alone has spent an estimated 1 trillion dollars since 1971 on fighting drugs.

4.2. Globally, over 100 billion dollars are spent to fight drugs and their availability in the market.

4.3. Drug abuse cost the US over 193 billions dollars in criminal, health and societal spending.

5. How many people are using drugs ?

5.1. 27 million of people in the world are problem drug users.

5.2. As of 2013, an estimated total of 246 million people have used an illicit substance.

6. Who has had the most experience with legalizing, and is it working ?

6.1. The Netherlands have had a successful experience with legalizing drugs, where the it is legal to consume marijuana in coffee shops, and it is estimated to have generated a revenue of almost 115 million guilders in 1990.