Poverty among Ethiopian farmers

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Poverty among Ethiopian farmers by Mind Map: Poverty among Ethiopian farmers

1. Effects

1.1. 7 million of people in Ethiopia are dependent on emergency food aid every year

1.1.1. made farmers grow Chat to survive Entire generations are depending on others and have obstacles to developing by themselves. Lack of essential institutions such as schools and health care

2. Solutions

2.1. Inform customers about the quality of Ethiopian coffee and the advantages that the Ethiopian people will get from purchase their coffee

2.2. Export Ethiopian Coffee outside of the New York market

2.3. participate in the Fairtrade Foundation

3. Causes

3.1. Over 15 Million people in Ethiopia depend on coffee for their survival and it provides 67% of Ethiopians export revenue.

3.2. the WTO and the IMF supported the improper economic system; thus, Ethiopian coffee farmers are subject to poverty

3.2.1. The world coffee market is dominated by four multinational corporations