Moral Development Theories

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Moral Development Theories by Mind Map: Moral Development Theories

1. Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development

1.1. Preconventional

1.1.1. Stage 1: Makes moral judgement on obedience and punishment.

1.1.2. Sense of good or bad determines if you get punished or not

1.1.3. Stage 2: Judges actions based on how they serve individual needs

1.2. Conventional

1.2.1. Stage 3: Interpersonal Accord and conformity. Seeing a fight, but when watching others look, begin looking as well. Wouldn't want to ruin what others think of them.

1.2.2. Stage 4: Authority and maintaining social order. Values authority and wants to keep order.

1.3. Postconventional

1.3.1. Stage 5: Understand rules are a social contract as opposed to a strict order.

1.3.2. Stage 6: Universal ethical principles, rules are valid only if they are in justice, highest moral principle is compassion

2. William Perry’s Theory

2.1. College students go through four stages of mental and moral develop.

2.1.1. Dualism Dualism is the belief that every problem is solvable, that students are to learn the right answers, and that one must obey authorities

2.1.2. Multiplicity Multiplicity is that there are two types of problems: solvable, and also problems that the answer is not know yet. In addition, in this stage, students put trust in their own inner voice.

2.1.3. Relativism Relativism is the third stage. During this stage, all solutions to problems must have reasons, and be viewed within a specific context. The basis for this stage is that every issue must be evaluated because everything is contextual.

2.1.4. Commitment Commitment is the stage where there is an acceptance of uncertainty as part of life. During this stage, students use the combination of personal experience and evidence learned from outside sources to arrive at conclusions

2.2. Perry's theory is especially useful because he goes into details not only specific stages but how people arrive to change to go throughout each stage