TaskForce SVP

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TaskForce SVP by Mind Map: TaskForce SVP

1. Preliminary plan

1.1. Schedule

1.1.1. By 30th Nov Shall be 4th Dec

1.2. Items

1.2.1. Task Force member done

1.2.2. Proposed structure Role definition done Orgenization chart draft by Kayahara RACI / Interface draft by leaders

1.2.3. HC Plan Compile resource list BR COL MX CL/AR Design the group

1.2.4. Saving for next FY Total cost will be calculated based on the new list SGA shall be calculated based on the current structure Severance cost any candidate? CH?BR? Saving

1.2.5. Interface design RACI will be discussed first Interface NECJ Sales CEO Delivery SCM Partner

2. Concerns, TBD

2.1. Transision plan

2.2. Resource management tool

2.2.1. PPM

2.2.2. GPM

2.3. Serive and partner management

2.3.1. will be organize the holizontal funtion

2.4. Double head on several solution

2.5. BI role

2.6. Dual assingment

2.7. NPI

3. Team Members

3.1. Kayahara

3.2. Murakami

3.3. Alejandro

3.4. CJ

3.5. Himena

4. Schedule

4.1. Preliminary Plan

4.1.1. 4th Dec

4.1.2. Review schedule?

4.2. Detailed Desgin

4.3. Execution Plan

4.3.1. April 1st, 2021

5. Further concreate plan development

5.1. Review with CA and Function heads

5.1.1. Brazil done

5.1.2. Mexico done

5.1.3. Chile/Argentina done

5.1.4. COL done

5.1.5. Delivery

5.1.6. SCM

5.1.7. CFO

5.1.8. Brazil

5.2. Review of CEO/VP comments

5.2.1. Process / Decision making / KPI Qualification Process Go/No decision Decide the priority Escalation Process Compensation method if we need to prioritize the oppournity Dual KPI for CA and BU shall be confirm the priority of the bottom line allocation of SGA per CoE

5.2.2. SoW/Mindset Shall assign more time with customer assignment of account presales need to educate sales account Contact window each country or account shall be assigned Assignment of Bid management role in sales account assignment of the proposal preparation consolidation of the proposal analysis of the cost and price preparation for PAC and screening calculate the tax task by presales current implemantiation

5.2.3. Organization Partner to be allocated to each CoE draft by Kayahara CISCO vs Juniper proper explanation shall be prepraed Report line CoE shall report to RHQ Service business development with Delivery structure shall collaborate with SDT team

5.2.4. Customer Shall prepare the common message to present the benefit of the regionalization

5.2.5. Funding usage of the funding from NECJ can be used as severance fee

5.2.6. Pricing strategy Shall be managed by opportunity while exchanging the information in LATAM region

5.2.7. Specific country Brazil Local led or 5G? Partner and serivce management Mexico Assignment of Alejandro-san Chile Shall assign the dedicated bid manager or sales account can manage

5.3. Further action items

5.3.1. Member confirmation

5.3.2. Assign the each role in CoE sub leader BDM, SA Contact window per country

5.3.3. Assign Account Presales MIC VIVO ? list up all existing account presales

5.4. Weekly meeting

5.4.1. Friday morning