Marine Biology

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Marine Biology by Mind Map: Marine Biology

1. Bacteria

1.1. Planctobacteria

1.1.1. chlamydia

1.2. Sphingobacteria

1.2.1. fiber digesters

1.3. Cyanobacteria

1.3.1. photosynthetic bacteria

2. Eukaryotes

2.1. Protists

2.2. Fungi

2.2.1. Chytridiomycota unicellular, parasites or decomposers, usually found in water

2.2.2. Zygomycota Bread mold Used to make steroid hormones

2.2.3. Ascomycota yeasts for baking, brewing, and wine fermentation

2.2.4. Basidiomycota gill fungi (on bottom) shelf fungus on trees

2.2.5. Glomeromycota live symbiotically with root systems

2.3. Plants

2.3.1. Bryophyta Mosses and Liverwort Not found in marine life! Peat Moss (Sphagnum)

2.3.2. Pteridophyta Ferns The first plants to ever have evolved on land! Club Moss Horse Tail

2.3.3. Gymnosperms Conifers Cycads

2.3.4. Angiosperms Platyhelminthes Flat Worms Tape Worms Flowering Plants Basal Mesangiosperms

2.4. Animalia

2.4.1. Protozoa Amoeba Paramecium Malaria

2.4.2. Porifera Sponges

2.4.3. Ctenophora Comb Jellies

2.4.4. Cnidaria Jelly Fish Corals Sea Anemones Hydra Nemathelminthes Round Worms

2.4.5. Annelida Earth Worms Leeches Sand Worms

2.4.6. Arthropoda Crabs Centipedes and Millipedes Scorpions Spiders Malacostraca

2.4.7. Echinodermata Sea Stars Sea Urchins Sea Lilies

2.4.8. Amphibians

2.4.9. Chordata Reptiles Fish Agnatha (Jaw-less fish) Chondrichthyes (Cartilaginous Fish) Osteichthyes (Bony Fish) Birds (Aves) Anseriformes

2.4.10. Mammalia

2.4.11. Mollusca Clams Oysters Snails Octopus Cuttle FIsh Bivalvia

3. Archea

3.1. Crenarchaeota

3.1.1. Thermophilic organisms

3.1.2. Halophilic

3.2. Euryarchaeota

3.2.1. Methanogens Found in the intestines, Produce Methane

3.2.2. Halobacteria thrives in extreme concentrations of salt

4. Domain

4.1. Kingdom

4.1.1. Phylum Class Order