Victorian & Edwardian periods

mind map about Victorian

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Victorian & Edwardian periods by Mind Map: Victorian & Edwardian  periods

1. Queen Victoria (1837-1901)

1.1. Social Context

1.1.1. Prosperity & Poverty

1.1.2. Morality & Depravity

1.1.3. Peace & Protest

1.1.4. People became more critic about religiobn and politics

1.1.5. incrase in education

1.1.6. More letered people

1.1.7. Economic Growth

1.1.8. Technological Discovers

1.1.9. Women were seen like frgile creatures

1.1.10. Social Eniquality Upper Class > Middle Class > Worker Class British > Withe people > Other etnicities

1.2. Literature

1.2.1. Types of Literature Novel Short Tales Poetry Narrative Poem Dramatic Monologues Drama

1.2.2. Main Authors Charles Dickens Chirstmas Carrol Oliver Twist David Copperfield Great Expectations Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray Lewis Carrol Alices's Adventures in Wonderland Alice's Adventures Through the Looking Glass (Big Etc.)

1.2.3. it is characterized by its subjectivity and objectivity inspired by the Romanticism and Augustan age respectively but making a kind of amalgam of both

1.3. Language

1.3.1. A lot of new words were born and some words that were denigrated in the past became meaningful, mainly in the next fields Technology Fashion Food Leisure Medicine Pschology

2. King Eduard VII (1901-1910)

2.1. Context

2.1.1. Elegance and luxury among the rich and powerful in Britain

2.1.2. Common labourers and women, became increasingly politicized

2.1.3. More Social Mobility

2.1.4. Rising interest in socialism

2.1.5. Attention to the plight of the poor and the status of women

2.1.6. Women’s Suffrage

2.1.7. Even More Industrialization

2.1.8. Rapid Develoments in Fasion

2.1.9. More moral looseness than there was in the Victorian period

2.2. Literature

2.2.1. Types of Literature Novel Short Story Poetry Drama

2.2.2. Main Authors Ford Madox Ford The Inheritors The Fifth Queen trilogy The Good Soldier Rudyard Kipling kim The Five Nations Actions and Reactions Alfred Noyes The Flower of Old Japan The Barrel-Organ The Highwayman James Barrie The Little White Bird Peter Pan The Admirable Crichton Big, Etc.

2.3. Language

2.3.1. Modern English it created a base for modernist literature to come to life

2.3.2. Some reforms to the langguage the addition of several new words to the English vocabulary