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Osteoarthritis by Mind Map: Osteoarthritis

1. Anatomy

1.1. Synovial joints (mostly small joints of hands and feet, hip joint, knee joint)

1.1.1. articular capsule

1.1.2. articular cartilage

1.1.3. Synovium + Synovial fluid

1.1.4. Accessory ligaments, muscles, tendons

1.1.5. bursae

1.2. Damage/changes in subchondral bony structure/architecture

1.2.1. bone damage may precede cartilage damage

1.2.2. increase in bone density, osteophytes

1.2.3. bone spurs

2. Epidemiology

2.1. Populations (Most common joint disorder in US)

2.1.1. More prevalent in women than men

2.1.2. Older population

2.1.3. Manual laborers that overuse joints

2.1.4. obese individuals

2.2. Common sites

2.2.1. Knees

2.2.2. Hips

2.2.3. Hands

2.3. Possible widespread control

2.3.1. Decrease obesity

2.3.2. Proper form when exercising/working to prevent injury