Planning process for Hussain

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Planning process for Hussain by Mind Map: Planning process for Hussain

1. Designing engaging learner experiences

1.1. - Set up collaborative learning groups so that they can circulate and listen to each other.

1.2. - Ask students to complete an assesment at the beginning of each unit to observe what they already know.

1.3. - Students may present their findings in displays and visuals around the school and interact with the school community.

1.4. - Self-paced assessments can be designed, where students can reflect and build on each others responses thereby learn from each other.

2. The role of the students in the planning process

2.1. - Collaborate with students in the planning process and construct the unit together taking into consideration their prior knowledge.

2.2. -Provide choice for the students in the planning process based on the topics they are interested in.

2.3. - First of all, students need to be aware of the overall planning process itself. They need to understand the elements of the planning to actively engage in the process. This first step needs to be clear. then students can be involved by discussing their roles, voicing their opinions and guiding one another.

2.4. - Effectively select and use a variety of resources.

2.5. -Communicate effectively with teachers, peers and parents in the planning.

2.6. - Students must be punctual and pay proper and continuous attention towards their final goal. Students must also display postive attitude and enthusiam during the planning process.

3. Diffrentiation

3.1. - Provide opportunity to students to have the ownership of their learning journey, don't make all the decisions, allow choices, give them voice.

3.2. - Use technology creatively and effectively in you classes since it provides differentiated opportunities for learners.

3.3. - Make connections between levels and analyze the students’ observations, suggestions and questions in a way that will guide them to work towards a common goal.

3.4. - Changing expectations of learning helps teachers understand that one size does not fit all. Sometimes if the direction the learning experience is going does not fit with the desired outcome then teachers need to change it up and adapt their material according to the students abilities.