Biafran war

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Biafran war by Mind Map: Biafran war

1. Civil groups

1.1. Hausa

1.1.1. Northeast

1.2. Igbo

1.2.1. Southeast

1.3. Yoruba

1.3.1. Southwest

2. History

2.1. 1960 independence from Britain

2.1.1. Britain drawing boarders without consideration of ethnic and religious differences

2.2. 1967 Biafra Declared. Independence from Nigeria

2.2.1. Political differences

2.3. 1967 civil war begins

2.4. 1968 Famine, streamed world wide. Protests

2.5. 1970 Biafran surrender

3. Impact

3.1. There where many Biafran camps (G)

3.2. There where more and more reports of the massacres,in the north but also in the west, and in Lagos (B)

3.3. The Igbos, on of the major ethnic groups, were oppressed. 80.000-100.000 where killed in the north.

4. Lasting affects

4.1. At the end of the thirty month war, Biafra was a vast rubble.there where 3 million dead, approximately 20% of the population. (N)

4.2. People still hoping for a independence

4.3. Groups such IPOB