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1. In English Grammar, more than one determiner can function as the determinative of a noun phrase or a verb phrase.

1.1. examples:

1.1.1. "All three of the" children refused to eat any of their vegetables.

1.1.2. "The thirteen" books were each popular titles.

2. Pre-determiners

2.1. Are those determiners that come in front of a determiner.

2.1.1. multipliers

2.1.2. intensifiers

2.1.3. fractional expressions

2.1.4. examples: two-thirds of the population... All the gangs ...

3. Central determiners

3.1. Are used before nouns

3.1.1. Articles The village

3.1.2. Demonstratives This book

3.1.3. Possessives My blouse

3.1.4. Quantifiers few couples

3.1.5. Distributives every night

3.1.6. Interrogatives What homework

4. Post determiners

4.1. Are used after central determiners in a noun phrase to make the reference more precise.

4.1.1. Cardinal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc...

4.1.2. Ordinal first, second, third etc.

4.1.3. General ordinal next, last, previous