Amelia Earhart

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Amelia Earhart by Mind Map: Amelia Earhart

1. Born 24th July 1897

1.1. Kansas, America

2. Disappeared July 7th 1937

2.1. Howland Island

2.2. The weather was poor, low fuel

2.3. A lighthouse was built in her honour

3. First woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo

4. She was an aviator (aircraft pilot)

5. She was a tomboy- she wore bloomers

6. She had a sister called Grace

7. Her first plane was called the Canary (it was yellow)

8. She was a nurse in Canada

9. June 1937, she took off from Oakland to fly around the world

10. She was names after her two grandmothers

11. 16th May 1923 she got her aviator licence