Types of stories

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Types of stories by Mind Map: Types of stories

1. A fairy tale is a fictional story that may contain folkloric characters

2. Biography

2.1. It narrates true events set in a real historical context.

2.2. Abraham Lincoln

3. Thriller

3.1. Literary genre closely related to mystery, but with more action, where suspense predominates, and the fear of being the victim of a murder by the protagonist.

3.2. The Outsider

4. Historical fiction

4.1. Presence of fictional characters or not yet existing.

4.2. The Tattooist of Auschwitz

5. Fairy tale

5.1. Beauty and the beast

6. Myth/Legend

6.1. Myth is a story that tries to explain a mystery of uchronic reality. The legend does not pretend to explain the supernatural as it is a story that highlights some characteristic or attribute of a town, city or region based on real characters and events.

6.2. Robin Hood

7. Fantasy

7.1. Imagination that is characterized by a special strength, by the brilliance and the extraordinary of the representations and images created.

7.2. Happy Potter

8. Romance

8.1. Old romances are anonymous and heavily influenced by religion, war, and love.

8.2. The fault in ours stars

9. Mistery

9.1. Unexpected events

9.2. Murder by the sea

10. Science fiction

10.1. Actions can take place in the past, present or future and, even, events can take place in alternative times to ours or uchronic.

10.2. The solar war

11. Fable

11.1. Short literary compositions in which the characters are almost always animals or objects

11.2. The Lion and the Mouse

12. Novel

12.1. It narrates facts, real or fictitious but credible.

12.2. The Sea Gate