3 Chemical Reactions and Equation

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3 Chemical Reactions and Equation by Mind Map: 3 Chemical Reactions and Equation

1. Chemical Reaction

1.1. Physical Change

1.1.1. no new substance formed

1.1.2. changes taken place due to change on temperature & pressure

1.1.3. composition of matter remain the same

1.2. Chemical Change

1.2.1. New substance formed

1.2.2. Few Irreversible

1.2.3. Chemical reaction takes place

1.2.4. Composition of matter changes

1.2.5. Chemical Change is identified by Change in colour Evolution of gas Formation of precipitate Change in temperature

2. Chemical Equation

2.1. Writing a Chemical Equation

2.1.1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Yw4nrmGBmrevcYCZ6

2.2. Balancing a Chemical Equation

2.2.1. Total mass of the reactants =Total mass of the Product

2.2.2. https://youtu.be/7Wx1ooWnjQ0