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UDP by Mind Map: UDP

1. Video and voice transmission:

1.1. UDP is generally the protocol used to transmit video and voice over a network.

1.1.1. This is because there is no time to resend lost packets when listening to someone or watching a video in real time.

2. Main features:

2.1. It works offline, that is, it does not use any synchronization between the source and destination.

2.2. Not trustworthy. It does not use flow control or order packages.

2.3. Its great advantage is that it causes little additional load on the network since it is simple and uses very simple headers.

3. Use in applications:

3.1. Most of the key Internet applications use the UDP protocol, including:

3.1.1. The Domain Name System

3.1.2. Single response package

3.1.3. Network Management Protocol

3.1.4. Routing Information Protocol (RIP)

3.1.5. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

4. Ports:

4.1. Ports 1 to 1023 are called "well known" ports, and on Unix-like operating systems binding to one of these ports requires superuser access.

4.2. Ports 1024 to 49,151 are registered ports.

4.3. Ports 49,152 to 65,535 are dynamic ports and are used as temporary ports, especially by clients when communicating with servers.