Luke Williams ENGL 308

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Luke Williams ENGL 308 by Mind Map: Luke Williams ENGL 308

1. Openness

1.1. Reading my classmates peer reviews of my work and applying suggested ideas

2. Engagement

2.1. Conducting usability testing

2.2. Conducting a survey

2.3. Engaging in discussion with classmates and group memebers

3. Creativity

3.1. Creating a rhetorical situation

3.2. Brainstorming with group members to think of ways to use software to enhance communication

4. Responsibility

4.1. Taking on project manager role

4.2. Turning assignments in on time

4.3. Reflection activities to improve upon writing and the project

4.4. Building a team charter

5. Persistence

5.1. Conducting weekly group meetings

5.2. Following through on all tasks for Project #1

5.3. Learning software that was used for technical instructions

6. Flexibility

6.1. Adapting to changes in due dates

6.2. Working with group members to complete assignments

7. Metacognition

7.1. Polish activities to revise drafts

7.2. Peer review activities

8. Curiosity

8.1. Research for proposal

8.2. Reading activities