Phrasal Verbs (Office)

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Phrasal Verbs (Office) by Mind Map: Phrasal Verbs (Office)

1. Put in

1.1. Let me put this report in at the Director’s office

2. Draw up

2.1. They are drawing up a working strategy for the company

3. Look over

3.1. Eulises is going to take over of the subdirectorate

4. Back up

4.1. Remember to back up your files in your computer if you don’t want to lose them all.

5. Get together

5.1. We need to to get together clarify financial agreements

6. Hand in

6.1. You must hand in real documents to the director of the company

7. Pull off

7.1. I can't believe we pulled off seven meetings a week!

8. Take over

8.1. Eulises is going to take over of the subdirectorate

9. Shop around

9.1. They made me an offer, but I need to shop around a little

10. Call off

10.1. Josue just called off the call with the manager

11. Take on

11.1. We’re taking on new staff at the moment

12. Pencil in

12.1. Pencil me in for next Monday

13. Knuckled down

13.1. It’s time we knuckled down!

14. Come up with

14.1. It was difficult but we came up with a solution and finished the project on time

15. Kick off with

15.1. Although it’s not connected, do you mind if I kick off with an issue regarding the misuse of the internet by staff.