My Adaptive Learning Path

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My Adaptive Learning Path by Mind Map: My Adaptive Learning Path

1. Track 01 Natural Leader/ Self-sufficient learner

1.1. Activity: Learners should write a white paper. They should provide additional explanations to the class

1.2. Assessment: Interactive presentation software

1.3. An appetite question should be raised

2. Track 02 Need for constant feedback; need for group support

2.1. Activity: Learners should split into groups for group discussions. Each should post his/her opinion on a blog designed for them. . Office 365 Login | Microsoft Office

2.2. Assessment:

2.3. An appetite question will be offered

3. Track 03 Not really interested in the subject; lack of motivation

3.1. Activity: Learners should look for either a video or an article. They discuss it in groups. Dropbox.

3.2. Assessment: . Welcome back to Kahoot! for schools