Atoms and molecules

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Atoms and molecules by Mind Map: Atoms and molecules

1. Dalton's theory

1.1. All matter is

1.1.1. Made of very tiny particles Called atoms.

1.2. Atoms are indivisible particles

1.2.1. Cannot be created Nor destroyed In chemical reaction.

1.3. Atoms of

1.3.1. Different elements have Different masses And chemical properties.

1.4. Atoms combine

1.4.1. In ratio of Small whole numbers To form compounds.

1.5. Relative number

1.5.1. Or kinds of atoms are constant In given compound.

1.6. Atomic mass of

1.6.1. carbon isotope is -cu12 Std ref to all elements.

1.7. 1\12th part of

1.7.1. cu amu = 1.6 multiplied by 10 minus 24

2. Law of chemical combination

2.1. By Lavoisier and Joseph L. Proust.

2.1.1. Conservation of mass. Neither created Nor destroyed.

2.1.2. Constant proportions. mass of hydrogen is always 1:8

2.2. Proust law in chemical substance elements always present in definite proportions in mass

3. Molecules

3.1. Two or more atoms

3.1.1. chemically bonded

3.2. Atoms of

3.2.1. different or same element form molecules.

3.3. of elements

3.3.1. same types of element atoms called atomicity.

4. Compounds

4.1. Different type of

4.1.1. element atoms in definite proportions.

5. Mass

5.1. molecular

5.1.1. sum of atomic masses of all atoms of substance molecules

5.1.2. HNo3 H+N+O multiply 3 1+14+(16 multiply 3)

5.2. Unit formula

5.2.1. Sum of atomic mass of all atoms of compound formula.

5.2.2. Naci 1 multiply 23+1 multiply 35.5 58.5u

6. Atomic mass

6.1. total number of

6.1.1. proton and neutron in an atom.

7. Ions

7.1. Charged species

7.1.1. +ve cation (base radical)