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Mapa mental de ingles by Mind Map: Mapa mental de ingles

1. The best book I’ve ever read is snow and furry cutting, Sarah. j. Mass. The story is engaging, the narration and climax are wonderful, the characters and the plot leave a taste of want more.

2. My favorite celebrity is the Arianna Grande, because I admire the talent and effort of her career. I respect and appreciate her and have been following her since she was a child. I would much prefer listening Arianna's music.

3. The most ultimate object in my house is the stove, he is important because we can't stay more than 3 hours without food.

4. My favorite kind of party... I cant imagine having a party without my friends, I like to talk a lot about different subjects so i need my friends, needs absolutely delicious food and everyone needs to be dressing up with a different style.

5. we got our nails painted at the sallow , my mom has fixed my Grampa's car yesterday. Nobody cleans our house.

6. She would have fought with her parents, so they woudnt have let her go.