Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by Mind Map: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

1. Democratic Rights

1.1. Equality and Human Rights

1.1.1. Freedom of religious belief and thought Bill 21 passed in June 2019 in Quebec violates human rights, by banning religious headgear (turbans, kippahs and hijabs) in public employee jobs I practice this regularly and publicly, I'm free to wear my hijab all throughout Canada.

1.1.2. Freedom of mobility The ability to move across, in and out of canada I practice about yearly, in correlation to my dads work, I find myself leaving Canada frequently.

1.1.3. Freedom of opinion and expression Freedom to peaceful protest lawfully express your opinion can formulate your own opinions and beliefs Without inducing harm upon other citizens

1.2. Rule of Law

1.2.1. no one is above the law including government officials, and people in power

1.2.2. equal protection of law rights are read to you during arrest entitled to a fair lawyer

1.2.3. fairly enforced laws

1.3. Freedom and Fair Election

1.3.1. representatives are chosen by the public

1.3.2. fair manner no threats or obstacles

1.3.3. regardless of differences race gender sexual orienation ethnicity religion Physical disability ramps outside voting buildings braille sign language interpreters

1.3.4. Voting have to be of age 18+ parents exercise this right and i will as soon as I am of age Canadian citizens can vote and run in the election governments must have elections at least every 5 years elected governments must meet once a year

1.4. Accountability and Transparency

1.4.1. Honest government communication COVID federal rules municipal restrictions

1.4.2. Effective tax usage public transport healthcare public schooling

1.5. Citizen Participation

1.5.1. community involvement volunteering community organizations

1.5.2. active members of society voting serving the jury peaceful protest

1.6. Political Tolerance

1.6.1. all voices heard those not in power can express themselves

1.6.2. minorities accounted for minorities rights protected

2. Fundamental Freedoms

2.1. Religion

2.1.1. freedom to pray and worship in anyway public prayer rooms

2.1.2. freedom to NOT pray and worship

2.1.3. freedom to formulate unique opinions

2.2. Expression

2.2.1. freedom to lawfully express opinions disagreements

2.2.2. peaceful protest rallies cancer rallies Terry Fox rallies protests BLM Pro-choice/ Pro-Life Feminism Anti-COVID restrictions

2.3. Media

2.3.1. media is free to report on anything in Canada news breakthrough stories

2.4. Relations

2.4.1. you can befriend or associate with anyone you choose

3. Mobility Rights

3.1. Travel

3.1.1. for better life and work across and within Canada leaving and returning to Canada personally I travel a lot for better life and work, so I exercise this right frequently

3.2. Accessibility

3.2.1. Physically disabled individuals ramps braille sign language

4. Legal Rights

4.1. innocent until proven guilty

4.2. arrest

4.2.1. the right to a fair lawyer fair trial no cruel punishment no extensive suffering

4.2.2. rights read to you upon arrest the right to remain silent

5. Equality Rights

5.1. No discrimination

5.1.1. against race ethnicity religion The NDP Party Leader, Jagmeet Singh gender Womens right to vote was legalized in 1917 in Ontario sexual orientation and gender LGBTQ+ Community Physical disabilities hard of hearing hard of sight physically disabled Mental disabilities

5.2. fair rights

5.2.1. the democratic principles

6. Official Languages of Canada

6.1. communication with the government

6.1.1. The right to speak to federal government in the official languages Official languages French English

6.2. Right to request to translate any official documents

6.2.1. Justin Trudeau always says his messages in both languages.

7. Minority Language Education Rights

7.1. Have the right to education in any language

7.1.1. in minor languages that aren't the official with religious courses ethnic courses cultural courses

7.2. Specialized schooling

7.2.1. sunday school

7.2.2. islamic school I attended the MAC islamic school