Unification of Germany

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Unification of Germany by Mind Map: Unification of Germany

1. Frankfurt Parliament 1848

1.1. The Frankfurt Parliament tried it's best for the unification of Germany under the leadership of king Wilhelm 4 of Prussia but it failed .

2. Unification under the leadership of Prussia

2.1. This liberal initiative to nation building read however repressed by the combined forces of the monarchy and the military supported by the large landowners ( called junkers ) in Prussia .From then on Prussia took on the leadership of the movement for national unification . it's chief minister Otto von Bismarck was the architect of the process and carried out national unification with the help of Prussian army and bureaucracy.

3. Role of Bismarck

3.1. Bismarck was one of the greatest sons of Prussia who accomplished the supreme task of unification of Germany with the help of the army bureaucracy. He was convinced that the unification of Germany could be achieved only by the Princes and not by the people . he wanted to achieve his aim by not merging Prussia into Germany but rather by expanding Prussia into Germany.

4. Three wars

4.1. Bismarck's object of unifying Germany was accomplished by the three Wars which were fought during a brief period of seven years. War with Denmark (1865), Austro-Prussian War (1866), Franco-Prussian War (1870) .

5. Final Unification of Germany

5.1. The above wars ended in Prussia victory and helped in completing the process of unification . On January 18,1871 in the Royal Place of Versailles , the king of Prussia was crowned as the German emperor and the ceremony symbolized in the eyes of the world , the newly born unity of German people.

6. Outcomes

6.1. The nation-building process in Germany had demonstrated the dominance of Prussian state power. The new state placed a strong emphasis on modernizing the currency, banking, legal and judicial systems in Germany. Prussian measures and practices often became a model for the rest of Germany.