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1. Your li’l sis comes into your room bouncing up and down with excitement and asks if you wanna help her and your mom bake cookies. You say:

1.1. a. “You bet! And I call first dibs on licking bowl when we’re done!”

1.2. b. “Sure, I’ll be right down. Just let me finish this last math problem on my homework.”

1.3. c. “Um, no thanks. I’m kinda on the phone with a friend right now, and then I got to work on an English paper before I go to dance tonight.”

2. When was the last time you were on a swing set?

2.1. a. Yesterday! My best frind and I hang out at the park all the time. I’m a master on the monkey bars.

2.2. b. A few weeks ago, when I took the kids that I babysit to the park. We had a really good time, and it was super cute when they tried to push me on the swings.

2.3. c. Years, maybe? The only time that I hit the park is when I’m running or walking around it for some cardio.

3. When you and your parents start arguing, your typical strategy is:

3.1. a. Whine a lot. Maybe throw in some tears and screaming if it’s really an issue.

3.2. b. I try to keep my cool and calmly state my case. Sometimes it’s a challenge, but I do my best to be rational.

3.3. c. My parents and I don’t fight. They treat me like an adult, and I respect them.

4. At a restaurant, you immediately go to which section of the menu?

4.1. a. The kids’ section. I am so picky, there’s usually nothing anywhere else that I’d wanna eat.

4.2. b. The sandwich section. You can’t go wrong with a good burger, and I’m easy to please.

4.3. c. The full entrée section. Salmon is my favorite, but steak is good if they cook it just the way that I specify.

5. At a family reunion, who do you usually hang out with?

5.1. a. My younger cousins. We play a mean game of tag, and I can almost beat my cousin Johnny at arm wrestling now.

5.2. b. I rotate between the table where the adults are talking to wherever the kids are playing. I’m sort of like a babysitter at times, but I don’t mind playing dollhouse for a bit.

5.3. c. The adults. My aunts and uncles are always really interested in how school is going for me, and I’d rather not get my cute new capris dirty by playing hide-and-seek with my sibs.

6. You accidentally made a comment to your friend that hurt their feelings. What do you do?

6.1. a. I laugh it off, of course. I didn’t mean to upset them, and they shouldn’t be so sensitive.

6.2. b. I quickly change the subject. That was super awkward, and I hate confrontation. I feel really bad that they took it so hard, though.

6.3. c. I immediately apologize and explain to them that I never meant to upset her. In the future, I’ll be much more careful when that topic comes up in a convo with her.

7. If you had to prioritize your evenings when you come home from school, what would be your top two activities?

7.1. a. Talking to my friends on Facebook and watching TV.

7.2. b. Calling my friend and working on my homework.

7.3. c. Getting a jumpstart on any projects I have and studying for upcoming tests.

8. One of your friends invites you to go to the mall with her on Saturday, but your mom had asked you to watch your li’l bro that afternoon while she goes to the store. What do you do?

8.1. a. Beg your mom to hit the store another time. You’ve been dyin’ to check out the newest tops they’ve got at Aeropostale, and you just watched your bro last week.

8.2. b. I ask Mom how long she’s gonna be at the store and see if I can go to the mall either before or after that.

8.3. c. I don’t even mention it to my mom and just tell my friend that I can’t make it. Mom asked me to babysit first, and there’ll be other mall trips.

9. When someone makes fun of you at school, you…

9.1. a. Throw an equally mean retort right back at ‘em. Gives them a taste of their own medicine and shows them that they shouldn’t be messin’ with ya.

9.2. b. Are super embarrassed, but do your best to laugh it off. They’ll just keep it up if you show how much it’s bothering you.

9.3. c. Ignore them completely and think sticks ‘n stones, baby. They’re just doing it for attention, and you shouldn’t stoop to their level by gracing them with a response.