Nursing Discourse Community

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Nursing by Mind Map: Nursing

1. requirements

1.1. schooling

1.1.1. BSN

1.1.2. NCLEX-RN

1.1.3. associates degree in nursing

1.1.4. diploma in nursing

2. jobs

2.1. occupational stress

2.2. description

2.2.1. monito patients health treatment care

2.3. ER Room Nurse

2.4. Midwife

2.5. Surgical Nurse

2.6. Pediatric Nurse

2.7. Travel Nurse

3. responsibilities

3.1. compassion

3.2. organizational skills

3.3. critical thinking

3.4. emotional stability

3.5. patience

3.6. listening and speaking skills

3.7. emotional stability

4. writing as a nurse

4.1. repoting

4.2. charting

4.3. interactions with patients and doctors

4.4. writing precise

4.5. writing without personal emotion

4.6. writing with a critical audience

5. What is a major claim you can make about your genre and how it works within a specific discourse community?

5.1. A major claim about this genre and how it works in this discourse community is the common goal of helping and treating others, and the values nurses have of being able to use and share their knowledge to help others and get patients back to normal living.