living characters of “the crucible”

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living characters of “the crucible” by Mind Map: living characters of “the crucible”

1. John Proctor

1.1. will not let them use his confession to cast doubt on the worthy people who have still refrained from confessing

2. Giles Cory

2.1. was tied to the ground and heavy stones were laid upon him until he died. he refused to andswer aye or nay to the indictment

3. Elizabeth Proctor

3.1. Recognizes her coldness before and regrets her bitterness and the part it played in all of this. Attributed John Proctor willingness to hang with goodness and pureness

4. Reverend Hale

4.1. says, "there is blood on my head." He has contributed to the deaths of all of these people. He realizes that he has sent dozens of innocent people to their deaths. He counsels individuals to confess to witchcraft rather than hang.

5. Abagail Williams

6. Judge Hathorone

7. Rebecca Nurse