Advances Giving During The XIX Century

mental map of advances in XIX century

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Advances Giving During The XIX Century by Mind Map: Advances Giving During The XIX Century

1. Transportation improved a lot in this century thanks to the arrival of cars, locomotives and the first airplanes, in the case of the locomotives were very large means of transport and more people and more cargo to arrive from different places or from car that was more familiar and personal so few people help too many that people do not walk differently places

2. transport advances

3. advance

3.1. vapor technology

3.1.1. at that the weather was so good because they help people make machines and do things like steam car, locomotives and steam engines, these inventions were created by different inventor like George Stephenson these inventions help the human in transport or machine work in luck

4. another advance

5. and another advance

5.1. Industrialization

5.1.1. Industrialization was a breakthrough since it brought much more work and opportunities for society, the great entrepreneurs benefited since with industrialization he could produce more product and even more product, industrialization indirectly it gave us the population of the big cities. and that the companies made rural people come to cities, going out agricultural work as a very important element pillar of modern society