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Reading Techniques by Mind Map: Reading Techniques

1. Scanning

1.1. Used for getting some specific points

1.2. For highlighting the important points of a book

2. Skimming

2.1. Used for getting the gist of the whole text lead

2.2. We read quickly to get the main points and skip over the detail

3. Active Reading

3.1. Aims to get an in-depth understanding of the text

3.2. The reader get involved with the text while reading it.

4. Detailed

4.1. Used for extracting information accurately from the whole text

4.2. We read every word for understanding the meaning of the text

5. Speed

5.1. Increase the reading speed

5.2. Strategies used in speed reading

5.2.1. Identifying words without focusing on each letter

5.2.2. Not to sounding-out all words;

5.2.3. Not sub-vocalizing some phrases;

5.2.4. Spending less time on some phrases

5.2.5. Skimming small sections.

6. Structure-Proposition-Evaluation

6.1. Is mainly applicable to non-fiction writing.

6.2. This technique suggests reading as per the three following patterns:

6.2.1. Studying the structure of the work

6.2.2. Studying the logical propositions

6.2.3. Evaluation of the merits of the arguments and conclusions.

7. Survey-Question-Read-Recite-Review.

7.1. Aims to facilitate a clear understanding of the text that the reader would be able to teach whatever he has learned during the process of reading

7.2. The process involves five different steps, which are as follows

7.2.1. Survey

7.2.2. Question

7.2.3. Read

7.2.4. Recite

7.2.5. Review