Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak (Software Engineering) SMK Raden Umar Said Kudus

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Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak (Software Engineering) SMK Raden Umar Said Kudus by Mind Map: Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak (Software Engineering) SMK Raden Umar Said Kudus

1. Mobile Apps

1.1. Level/ Kelas

1.1.1. Basic Mobile Apps

1.1.2. Advance Mobile Apps

1.1.3. Expert Mobile Apps

1.2. Content

1.2.1. Introduction

1.2.2. Prerequisites

1.2.3. Setting Up First App

1.2.4. Project Configuration, Screens & Basic Layouts

1.2.5. More UI Components, User Interaction & Screen Navigation

1.2.6. Using Dialogs & Saving Data

1.2.7. Location & Maps

1.2.8. Loading Websites

1.2.9. Uploading To Google Play Store

1.2.10. Tips, Best Practices, Libraries & Community

1.3. Mentor

1.3.1. Aji Suryawan

2. Web Development

2.1. Level/ Kelas

2.1.1. Basic Web Development

2.1.2. Advance Web Development

2.1.3. Expert Web Development

2.2. Content

2.2.1. Front-End HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap 4

2.2.2. Back-End Web servers: Apache, Nginx Programming language: PHP, NodeJS Database: MySQL, MongoDB, SQL

2.3. Mentor

2.3.1. Abdullah Azzam Alhaqoni

3. Game Development

3.1. Level/ Kelas

3.1.1. Basic Game Development

3.1.2. Advance Game Development

3.1.3. Expert Game Development

3.2. Content

3.2.1. Principles of Game Design

3.2.2. Game Design and Development

3.2.3. Data Structures and Design Patterns

3.2.4. Programming and Practice

3.2.5. Game Development for Modern Platforms

3.3. Mentor

3.3.1. Anjas Syifatul Anam

4. Desktop Programming

4.1. Level/ Kelas

4.1.1. Basic Desktop Programming

4.1.2. Advance Desktop Programming

4.1.3. Expert Desktop Programming

4.2. Content

4.2.1. Python software environment

4.2.2. Logical programming

4.2.3. Python built in programming

4.2.4. Computer science fundamentals

4.2.5. Application development

4.3. Mentor

4.3.1. Agus Hamdun

5. Digital Marketing

5.1. Level/ Kelas

5.1.1. Fundamental Digital Marketing

5.1.2. Best Practice Digital Marketing

5.2. Content

5.2.1. Executive Skills Introduction to Digital Marketing Website Planning and Creation Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Search Engine Marketing Social Media Marketing Content Strategy Web Analytics Digital Media Planning and Buying Web Remarketing Email Marketing Design Essentials Mobile Marketing E-Commerce Management Online Reputation Management Adsense, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

5.2.2. Managerial Skills Introduction to Agency The Art of Pitching Client-Oriented Strategy Campaign Creation for Client Reporting and Evaluation

5.3. Mentor

5.3.1. Abdullah Azzam Alhaqoni

6. IT Essensial

6.1. Level/ Kelas

6.1.1. Basic IT Essensial

6.2. Content

6.2.1. Create, Edit, Collaboration and Communication Office 365 For Education Google Suite For Education

6.2.2. Algoritm and Flowchart

6.2.3. Personal Computer Introduction to the Personal Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Computer Hardware and PC Assembly Networking Concepts and Applied Networking Laptop and Other Mobile Devices Printers

6.2.4. Operating System Windows Installation and Configuration Mobile, Linux, and OSX Operating Systems Virtualization and Cloud Computing Security

6.2.5. Healthy, Wise and Safe Internet Digital Citizenship Social Learning Network The IT Professional

6.2.6. Graphic Design Desktop Publishing Photo Editing Video Editing E-Book

6.2.7. CMS WordPress Joomla Drupal

6.3. Mentor

6.3.1. Abdul Jamil

7. Human and Computer Interaction

7.1. Level/ Kelas

7.1.1. Human and Computer Interaction

7.2. Content

7.2.1. UI Design Warming Up Perkenalan UI Tools untuk UI Designer Graphic vs. UI Designer UI vs. UX Design Style - Inspirasi & Grid System - Color - Typography - Icons - Illustration Memilih Foto Produk Basic UI Advanced UI Transformasi Wireframe - Landing Page - Product Page - Cart Page - Checkout Page Finalizing Figma Introduction Basic Figma Adobe XD to Figma Prototype Share ke Developer

7.2.2. UX Research Adobe XD Pemula Perkenalan Tools Dasar I Tools Dasar II Prototype Kolaborasi Designer & Developer Warming Up Perkenalan UX Tools untuk UX Designer Basic UX UX Research Customer Persona User Flow / Journey GO UX Wireframing - Landing Page - Product Page - Cart Page - Checkout Page Prototyping User Testing User Interview

7.2.3. Merapihkan Dokumen Membuat Prototype Kolaborasi Assets untuk Developer Support Developer

7.3. Mentor

7.3.1. Abdullah Azzam Alhaqoni

7.3.2. Abdul Jamil