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ADDIE Model by Mind Map: ADDIE Model

1. Analysis: Identify the problem and objectives, and collect information

1.1. Identify Goals

1.2. Answer Questions

1.2.1. Who is the audience?

1.2.2. What are the characteristics of the audience?

1.2.3. What is the desired outcome?

1.2.4. What is the timeline?

1.2.5. What are the delivery options?

2. Design: Define the strategies and interface

2.1. Document Strategy

2.2. Create Storyboards

2.3. Design Interface

2.4. Prototype + Test

3. Development: Develop the learning resources

3.1. Create and Assemble Content

3.2. Develop and Integrate Technologies

3.3. Test and Debug

4. Implementation: Prepare the learning environment and deliver the solution

4.1. Train the Teachers

4.2. Prepare Learners

4.3. Share Course with Learner

4.4. Monitor

5. Evaluation: Evaluate the effectiveness of the solution

5.1. Evaluate Solution During Each Phase (Formative)

5.2. Evaluate Effectiveness of Implemented Solution (Summative)