Domestic Violence (An abuse of Power)

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Domestic Violence (An abuse of Power) by Mind Map: Domestic Violence (An abuse of Power)

1. Cause 1: Different Cultures

1.1. Def: The customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group

1.2. Caused by cultural beliefs that have been passed down and taught from generation to generation. Ex: In some cultures, specifically Latin cultures, it has been taught and seen from a young age that men are the superior group and everything else (besides God) is below them. That nothing will ever matter as much or as important as men.

1.2.1. The effect this has on the community and people themselves is the toxic masculinity starts forming. Since some men have been taught from a young age that being a man meant they are more important than others and everything will and should come easy, if nothing goes their way or their role is threatened their first instinct is to defend and strike back.

1.3. Article about domestic violence in different cultures

2. Cause#2: Trauma

2.1. Def: A deeply distressing or disturbing experience

2.2. Often usually caused by family members when they were young. It can happen when they are older too but it's extremely impactful when they are younger because their morals and values are still forming.

2.2.1. Effect of this can be extremely hurtful later on in their life. Ex: If a 5 year old saw their father or mother hurting their spouse or even child, and are told that it's an act of love. it can teach them that that's how you show affection and mess up the images of certain things and make it the complete opposite later impacting their life because that's what they've been taught since they were young.

2.3. Article about the relationship between trauma and domestic violence

3. Society

3.1. Def: the community of people living in a particular country or region and having shared customs, laws, and organizations.

3.2. Caused by certain people like founders of a community to influence certain beliefs and unltimately have it become the norm

3.2.1. Effect of this can be not having it be fair for everyone. Like gender roles and double standards for men and women.

3.3. Article about Patriarchy and how it affected a woman's relationship with her husband (also another thing caused by society)

4. Selfishness

4.1. Def: the quality or condition of being selfish.

4.2. This is usually caused by an early age. We've heard the saying "every man for himself" meaning to do whatever you need to do in order to benefit yourself and be on top. Which creates selfishness and 'it's all about me' attitude. Thinking that "ok if it's all about me, everyone needs to OBEY me" and if they're aren't on top they need to do everything they can because no one else will since it's "every man for himself"

4.2.1. The effect of this can cause relationships to crumble with others, not only romantic relationships. If something isn't going their way they need to defend and be dominant.

5. Certain Socialization

5.1. Def: the activity of mixing socially with others.

5.2. This can cause a person to behave a certain way based on who they're around. Whether it be friends they are trying to impress, what your idol says and their morals/values, or family it can teach someone a different thing that what they've been taught or even change their own moral.

5.2.1. The effect can be a person turning into a different person. whether it's good or bad, but it isn't them. Ex: If a guy is hanging out with his friends and his girlfriend calls and asks where he is, his friends might encourage him to act/say rude things to her, even though he doesn't want to do that and it's not what he believes he'll do it any ways because his friends are saying so. He sees his other friends do it to their girlfriends, it also plays into peer pressure.

6. Gender Roles

6.1. Def: The role or behavior learned by a person as appropriate to their gender, determined by the prevailing cultural norms.

6.2. Caused by societies and also tied in with cultural beliefs. Ex: In the 50's women were expected to stay home and take care of the kids. The men were to go to work and be the dominant one in the relationship.

6.2.1. Effect of this is the belief that women are only good at one thing, which is to be a housewife, and the men are supposed to be the ones at the top. With this belief that is imprinted on a lot of people since they were young it's cause a lot of imbalance in relationships.

7. Possible solutions can be teaching children at a young age that everyone is equal. As cliché as it sounds but not only telling them, showing them. Letting them experience it. Also looking more into mental health and healing wounds from trauma. Letting the abuser have the same amount of resources as the victim because we also need to focus on them so they can get on the right track and most importantly LEARN.

8. Cst 1: Rights and Responsibilities intersect with my issue by the idea that the community needs to work together in order to help out each other. Like changing laws, policies, and norms in order to move forward and have progress.

9. Cst 2: Call to Family, Community, and Participation intersect with my issue by allowing everyone to rebuild themselves. Even though some might have done wrong they still have the human right to resources and better themselves so they can contribute to their community.