David and Goliath, chapter 1

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David and Goliath, chapter 1 by Mind Map: David and Goliath, chapter 1

1. Story of real underdogs

1.1. Vivek Ranadivé

1.2. Playing basketball differently

1.3. Going against all odds

2. Vivek's story analyzed

2.1. Defying expectations

2.2. Creative thinking

2.3. Turning disadvantage into advantage

3. Probabilities of underdogs winning

3.1. Turning the 28.5% into 63.6%

3.2. Sometimes the weaker have the upper hand

3.3. Underdogs lose when they go conventional

4. Conclusion

4.1. Underdogs are always underestimated

4.2. Its a matter of perspective

4.3. Get the best outcome out of the worst situation