Audio Information


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Audio Information by Mind Map: Audio Information

1. a one-way wireless transmission

2. Types and Categories

2.1. Radio Broadcast

2.1.1. any use of radio waves to send messages to large groups of people

2.1.2. a live or recorded audio transmitted through radio waves to reach a wider audience

2.2. Sound clips or effects

2.2.1. artificially created or enhanced sound or sound process

2.2.2. can be downloaded from a website to a media player or a computer

2.2.3. a sound other than music or speech

2.3. Audio Podcast

2.3.1. it can be downloaded from a website to a media player or gadgets

2.3.2. a digital audio or video file or recording

2.4. Sound Recording

2.4.1. is the process by which audio information is captured onto a storage medium

2.4.2. it is for recording an interview, meeting or any sound from the environment

2.4.3. a mechanism that records soundtracks for sound motion pictures on a separate film from the picture film

2.5. Music

2.5.1. a vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce harmony, and expression of emotion

3. materials or sounds that are transmitted

4. produced or received through high fidelity waves that are heard through certain equipment

5. Audio File Formats

5.1. MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer 3)

5.1.1. most popular format for downloading and storing music.

5.1.2. MP3 for music storage not for video storage

5.2. M4A / AAC (MPEG-4 Audio / Advanced Audio Coding)

5.2.1. common video file formats used for downloading and streaming videos

5.2.2. highly versatile and compressed video format

5.2.3. can store audio, subtitles, and images

5.3. WAV

5.3.1. commonly used for storing uncompressed (PCM), CD-quality sound files

5.3.2. can be encoded with variety of codecs to reduce the file size

5.3.3. standard audio file format used mainly in Windows PCs

5.4. WMA (Windows Media Audio)

5.4.1. popular Windows Media Audio format owned by Microsoft

5.5. RA (Real Audio Format)

5.5.1. designed for streaming audio over the Internet

5.5.2. allows files to be stored in a self-contained fashion on a computer

5.6. AIFF

5.6.1. the standard audio file format used by Apple like a wav file for the Mac

6. Ways to Store Audio Information

6.1. Tape

6.1.1. magnetic tape on which sound can be recorded

6.2. CD (Compact Disc)

6.2.1. circular medium for recording, storing, and playing back and playing back audio, video and computer data

6.2.2. a plastic-fabricated

6.3. USB Drive

6.3.1. an external flash drive

6.3.2. can be used with any computer that has a USB Port

6.4. Memory Card (Flash Memory Card or Storage Card)

6.4.1. a small storage medium used to store data such as text, pictures, audio, and video

6.4.2. use on small portable or remote computing devices

6.5. Computer Hard Drive

6.5.1. secondary storage devices for storing audio file

6.6. Internet / Cloud

6.6.1. website or file repositories for retrieving audio files

6.6.2. precisely the files are stored in some datacenter full of serves that is connected to the Internet