Evolution of Management

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Evolution of Management by Mind Map: Evolution of Management

1. Classification

1.1. Modern approach (1950-onwards)

1.1.1. System approach

1.1.2. Mathematical approach or quantitative approach

1.1.3. Contingency approach

1.2. Neo-classical / behaviour approach (1930-50)

1.2.1. Mayo's hawthorn experiment

1.2.2. human relation management

1.2.3. behaviorural science approach

1.3. Classical/traditional approach (1860-1930)

1.3.1. Taylor scientific management focus on workers and machine relationship.

1.3.2. Fayol administrative theory of management classification of business actitivities. Basic functions of manager. Qualities and skills of a manager. Principles of management.

1.3.3. Weblar bureaucratic organisation division of work hierarchy of postions official records staffing