Essay Qn: This essay seeks to study how Lefebvre's key concepts from the text 'Production of Spac...


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Essay Qn: This essay seeks to study how Lefebvre's key concepts from the text 'Production of Space' is expressed in the design of a film school. by Mind Map: Essay Qn: This essay seeks to study how Lefebvre's key concepts from the text 'Production of Space' is expressed in the design of a film school.

1. Influence of monuments on objects & people

1.1. 2. Behaviors of people tend to change with a switch in our surroundings.

1.1.1. When we think of school and institution, we think of architecture that is often cold and emotionless. This expectation plays a part in our psyche and the way we interact in the micro spaces designed by the architect. Create a new kind of institution that encourages project work and intermingling between different courses. (7)

2. Primary Reader

3. Dimensions of Monumentality

3.1. 2. Lefebvre is keen on shifting our direct sight to other dimensions of encountering monumentality. (Hearing, Touch)

3.1.1. Encapsulating a walkthrough that is significant enough to leave a lasting impression. (4) Though the main entrance facing the major junction at Selegie Road is long, narrow and not as inviting, it is a representation of how Art does not have to be straightforward, and that emotions and lessons are never always seen at first glance. Through experience (the journey), the user is then greeted with a breathtaking sculpture, with natural light flowing down, reaching its feet. (The central atrium)

4. The Sentimental Exchange

4.1. 1. Monumental space are influenced by history of the community.

4.1.1. Our current site, though sitting in the heart of a cultural arts district with art institutions, feels cold being surrounded by shophouses and strata malls. To create a chain of vibrancy in the site and add to its existing cultural scene. Through its inviting appearance, and activities. (2) Selegie Road Elevation: On this elevation, there is an open to sky garden on floor 5. And gardens on floor 3 and 4, that promote a hint of mystery to passersby down below, as you can see into the school and its circulation, but its activities are not completely visible. This poses the a thought of 'Oh what is that? What's inside?' And they will look for the entrances into the school.

4.2. 2. Monumental spaces have power to activate spaces through association with sentimentality.

4.2.1. Often times institutional architecture does not do much in creating a lasting impact on you, to remember it and associate it with a special memory. A well planned external space has the power to create a pleasant feeling in all who come to see, and internal spaces that encourage positive experiences and environments in learning. To create an architecture that serves as a connection to bridge appreciation and consumption. (10) The building's vertical fins. The site's location is an architectural memoir. It has both new, contemporary, futuristic looking art institutions that bring appreciation to modernistic art. And has strata malls that are a reminder of what used to be, and now houses traditional practices of art. The facade @ The Noir has vertical expression, in response to its neighbours, with their vertical elements.

4.3. 3. Monumental spaces resist being transactional.

4.3.1. There is a stigma that hurts artists and aspiring artists, especially in Singapore, a one way straight path to success. Being an artists in singapore is 'hopeless', does not generate as much income, and does not have an elite label on it to brag to the world. To contribute and expand the local film scene and put the nation into international spotlight. (9) 'showcasing talent of sg's youth & their potential.' Through architecture, we could remove the stigma of the cultural arts scene in singapore being a 'hopeless' one that does not generate as much income. (5)

5. Durability

5.1. 1. Not so much of a space, but purely a sight to behold.

5.1.1. There is not much connection between the facade, the visual appearance of a building and how it affects the expectations of the learning journey. To create a space not just for students and their learning but a reminder to the public, of which they remember through its visual appearance.

6. Monuments & Scale

6.1. 1. A well defined impactful execution of scale can be empathetic to the user.

6.1.1. There is no consideration for the careful use of scale and effort to introduce it into how it affects one's emotions whilst walking, exploring the school. The use of scale could be strategically placed to evoke pleasant emotions and expectations for different kinds of workspaces.


7.1. Concluding point of reader analysis

7.1.1. Issue/Problem

7.1.2. Solution/Rhetoric Question