Ashley Feight Current Contacts

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Ashley Feight Current Contacts by Mind Map: Ashley Feight Current Contacts

1. Phylena Kline- State of Michigan Police Department CBT Trainer

2. Bronwyn & Bill Debree- Debree & Associates Insurance Co.- Owner/Operator Independent Agency

2.1. Rick Pashe- Owner Pasches Italian Restaurant

2.2. Continental Pastries

2.3. Ann Norlander- Calhoun county clerk register, Retired

3. Maureen Mayfield- Auto Owners Claims Adjuster

3.1. Wei Zhong- Owner Sakura Restaurants

4. Tonya Palmer- Res Les Farms/PNA Wedding Coordinator

4.1. John- Res Les Farms Owner and Operator

4.2. Gordy- PNA President

5. Tim Harvey- State Farm Insurance Agent

5.1. Joe Lange- Allstate Insurance Agent

6. Traci May- Owner Operator of Friends and Company Bar

6.1. Scott May- Great Lakes Wine and Spirits Rep

7. Ron Morgan- JVP Carrabbas Italian Grille

7.1. Damian Mandola-Co Founder of Carrabbas Italian Grille

7.2. Steve Overholt- President of Carrabbas Italian Grill, Tampa, Florida

7.3. Gary Richards, Woodridge, Illinois Carrabbas Partner

7.4. Bert Beveridge, Founder and Owner of Titos Vodka

7.5. James Koch; founder of Sam Adams Beer

8. Nick Ambroseli- retired Partner of Cheeseburger in Paradise

9. Children and Family Services- Holiday Giving and assistance help

9.1. Courtenay Vandermolen; Resource Development director- Battle Creek, Michigan

10. Adam Heikkela, Igeek Owner

11. Jeff Keisling; State Farm Agent; Battle Creek Michigan

12. Kimmi Danke; Hair Dresser and Salon owner

13. Angie Kline; Engineer for City of Battle Creek

14. Esther Leonard; Heritage Leasing and Realtor Battle Creek Michigan

15. Tim Palmer; Landscaper

16. David Tzusick; Postmaster Battle Creek Michigan

17. Tonya Everhardt; Woodlawn Preschool Owner