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Addie by Mind Map: Addie

1. Analysis: Identify the issue, problem, or area in need of further development.

1.1. Establish task list for course

1.2. Annouce Course Content

2. Design: Brainstorm, use storyboards, and design a plan to address the need.

2.1. Develop Learning Objectives

2.2. Develop Training Strategies

2.3. Submit Training Ideas for approval

3. Evaluation: Asses materials and outcomes to see if new implementations have achieved desired effect.

3.1. Review Evaluation Plan

3.2. Conduct Evaluations

4. Implementation: Implement the developed plan and use it/train others in it, to fix the situation.

4.1. Send Materials to Course Content Manager

4.2. Prepare and train parties to use the system

5. Development: Take ideas and storyboards and develop materials that can be used to fix the situation.

5.1. Develop materials for course

5.2. Submit Course Materials and Implementation Plan