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World War 1 by Mind Map: World War 1

1. Who participated in WW1?

1.1. Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Romania,Belgium,Japan and the United States (the Allied Powers)

1.1.1. Britain:8.9million soldiers

1.1.2. France:8.4million soldiers

1.1.3. Italy:5.6million soldiers

1.1.4. Russia:12million soldiers

1.1.5. USA:4.3million soldiers

1.2. Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire (the Central Powers)

1.2.1. Germany:11million soldiers

1.2.2. Austria:7.8million soldiers

2. Who won WW1 and what happens after that?

2.1. However, a lot of countries were affected by WW1.There are political, economic and social impacts.

2.2. The Allies won the war

2.2.1. WW1 ended in November 1918 with Germany agreeing to sign an armistice as it did not fell that it has been defeated and expected to be consulted on the terms of the treaty. However, it was not invited to the Paris Peace Conference to discuss the terms of peace as well as the price it has to pay for the war. The Treaty of Versailles is a political settlement that arose out of the Conference in1919.

2.3. Aims of the countries involved in the negotiation of the Treaty of Versailles: USA: securing the Fourteen Points Japan&Italy:getting the territorial gains promised to them British&France: faced public pressure to keep Germany weak

2.4. League of Nations is established as it was Woodrow Wilson's( USA President from 1913 -1921)primary objective.

2.5. Treaty of Versailles

2.5.1. The terms are that: 1)Germany had to accept the total blame for causing WW1.2)Much of the land that belonged to Germany and Austria before the war had to be redistributed amongst the Allied Powers, causing a reduction in territory. 3)Germany's armed forces had to be demilitarised. 4)Germany had to pay compensation for all the damage caused in the war. 5)People who previously belonged to Austria-Hungary in Central Europe with a common identity were given the right to govern themselves. 6)A League of Nations was set up to maintain world peace. IMPACT OF THE TREATY OF VERSAILLES:German Humiliation, Territorial Reductions, Military Weakness, Economic Weakness ans Self-Determination and the Creation of the New Boundaries.

3. How did WW1 happened?

3.1. WW1 happened after Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire,was shot to death along with his wife, Sophie, by the Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip on June 28, 1914 at Sarajevo, Bosnia.

3.1.1. Austria-Hungary blamed Serbia for the assassination and declared war on Serbia on 28 July 1914.

3.1.2. Russia,as Serbia's traditional ally, joined the war to help Serbia and soon,Great Britain, France, Italy, Romania, Japan and the United States joined to defeat Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire.