Reuters Admin Console

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Reuters Admin Console by Mind Map: Reuters Admin Console

1. Reuters Admin Sign In

1.1. Dashboard

1.1.1. #Firms

1.1.2. Total #License

1.1.3. Available# License

1.1.4. Search Firms

1.1.5. Firm Listing #Assigned License per firm #Seat Usage per firm #Active License per firm Add Firm Add Admin View Firm #Invites Sent Average #user visit - legal site #Logged in Users Average time users spend - legal site List of Users Edit Firm Delete Firm

1.1.6. Notifications

2. Firm Admin Sign In

2.1. Dashboard

2.1.1. #Assigned License

2.1.2. #Seats Available

2.1.3. Search Users

2.1.4. List of Users Add Users/Single Provision Access / Single Add Users / Bulk Provision Access / Bulk Edit Users Revoke Access / Single Reset Password Revoke Access / Bulk Re-allocate License Request additional License Remove Users View Subscribed Users

2.1.5. Notifications