What are the impacts of fast fashion on the enviroment?

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What are the impacts of fast fashion on the enviroment? by Mind Map: What are the impacts of fast fashion on the enviroment?

1. Water pollution

1.1. Many brands that produce fast fashion garments dump toxic untreated waste waters in to rivers.

1.1.1. As a result of this many harmful substances are realased in to these rivers such a mercury. This kills aquatic life and has huge impacts on peoples health who live near river banks. The chemicals will also eventually reach the sea where they can be spread across the globe worstening these impacts.

1.2. Farms which grow cotten also cause run off which can be leathal to wildlife.

2. Green house gas emission

2.1. Production

2.1.1. Most manufacturing companies in developing companies use coal for manufacturing which is one of the dirtest fossil fuels.

2.2. Manufactering

2.3. Transportation

2.4. Syntheit fibres produced by fossil fuels.

3. Fast fashion companies that claim to be eco-friendly.

3.1. H&M and their goals to have 100% recycled meterial by 2030 and ambitions to become climate posative by 2040.

4. Soil degradtion

4.1. Chemicals used to produce cotton.

4.2. Deforesation

4.2.1. Wood fibres

4.2.2. Raising cattle.

4.2.3. Rainforest distruction.

5. Rain forest distruction

5.1. More greenhouse gas emissions.

5.2. Distroying hapitats.

5.3. Causing flood

6. Throwing away unsold procucts.

6.1. The products will go in to landfill and will take ages to decompose, when they do decompose they will emit methane which is a greenhouse gas and will then get trapped in the atmosphere. This will then cause global warming.

7. Bad quality products being thrown away when they get broken.