Leadership and Decision-making

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Leadership and Decision-making by Mind Map: Leadership and Decision-making

1. Leadership

1.1. Influencing people to achieve a common goal

1.2. Is categorized by

1.2.1. Autocratic

1.2.2. Democratic

1.2.3. Laissez-faire

1.3. Leader

1.3.1. someone who exercises authority over one or more individuals

1.3.2. is required to interact with followers

1.3.3. listen and direct followers to success

1.3.4. should be consistent in decision making

1.4. Is viewed as the ability to make strategic decisions

1.5. classifications

1.5.1. Transformational leadership Raises the level of motivation and morality in both the leader and the follower Empower followers, increase moral awareness, provide support, act as role models and initiate change

1.5.2. Transactional leadership Active Offers rewards to the follower for meeting objectives The reward could be a raise in pay, a promotion or some other form of recognition Passive employs an avoidance of corrective actions once goals are achieved

1.5.3. Laissez Faire Leadership Absence of formal leadership Informal and emergent Have little or no interaction with the followers. Makes little effort to satisfy followers needs

1.5.4. Authentic leadership Are resistant to social or situational pressures by being true to themselves and to their core values

2. Decision-making

2.1. Facilitative

2.1.1. A effort between leaders and subordinates, both providing input to make or shared decision Subordinate have access to the information required to make the decision

2.1.2. The leader and the fellowship share bear the responsibility of consequences this decision.

2.2. Delegative

2.2.1. Leader passes responsibility for the decision making and the decision to one or more subordinates

2.2.2. The leader does not necessarily have to make all the decisions.

2.3. Flexibility

2.3.1. Chose easily among the styles depending on context.

2.4. The leadership style has a high influence in decision-making