Dhruv Bhatia ENGL 107

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Dhruv Bhatia ENGL 107 by Mind Map: Dhruv Bhatia ENGL 107

1. 2A. incorporate evidence, such as through summaries, paraphrases, quotations, and visuals.

1.1. Visuals in discourse community article

1.2. Quotes from Personal Profile of a distinct member of discourse community

2. 3B. Apply citation conventions (MLA, APA) systematically in their own work.

2.1. In text citations for quotes

2.2. End of text citations to give credit at the end of essay/article

3. 4E. evaluate and act on peer and instructor feedback to revise their texts

3.1. Peer review on all projects

3.2. Live online meeting with professor

4. Persistence

5. Flexibility

6. 1B. analyze how genres shape reading and composing practice

6.1. genre conventions like difference between the content of an article and an essay

6.2. specific writing style like First person in narratives