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101 Caffe by Mind Map: 101 Caffe

1. Special offers

1.1. Barista offers clients to make a story with their take away coffee and mention our page and for that random people will be given a special gift for that (only for one day)

1.1.1. Share a poll with a choice of coffee types. You ask your clients which coffee they want to see with a sale. They will vote and after that we will send an email to everyone who chose that coffee. Coffee subscription( it's a new thing in Armenia but maybe it will work, we can make it a try )

2. Give Away

2.1. Task 1

2.2. Task 2

3. Content Plan Ideas

3.1. How to choose the right Christmas gift: Ideas for coffee lovers

3.1.1. Start a Flesh-mob "Tell us your story concerning coffee, what you feel? something that you associate with coffee, and share all these stories on our social media. Quiz "What your coffee says about your personality?

4. Story reach

4.1. (Story game) Lets make a coffee together (which topping to use, cow milk or almond something like this . more info in my notebook.

4.1.1. Info about people behind, add quotes about their fav menu items, Why do they want to be a part of this community? unique stories, idk something interesting engaging, maybe something has happened in the store and they can try to say about it via stories. Maybe it will work for story reach , ( something connecting to the horoscope, Taurus this week you need a cup of cappuccino and a good talk and something like this..)

5. design for cups

5.1. if you want we can do a new design for your cups, I think it is a very important thing for people.

6. coffee events (story about coffees and more)