Body image/body language

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Body image/body language by Mind Map: Body image/body language

1. Positive and negative body language:

1.1. Positive body language demonstrates high confidence in actions you do with your body.

1.2. Negative body language are acts you do with your body that show as an act of weakness or lies.

2. Body image is your attitude towards your body as you see yourself, how you think and feel about yours and how you think others perceive it.

2.1. Body image can be influenced by their own beliefs and attitudes, as well as by society, the media and peer groups.

3. Body image is built from two pillars: neurological and psychological

4. Healthy and unhealthy

4.1. Unhealthy body image means you think your body is disgusting and you don't think you're beautiful even if other people say otherwise.

4.2. Healthy body image means feeling comfortable with your skin, this shows that you have high esteem

5. Body language is related to non-verbal communication

5.1. It appears in our posture, in gestures, in how close we are to someone else when talking to them, in facial expressions and even in the movement that our eyes make.

5.2. Body language means a lot, because it shows what you're feeling on your face.