Management Consultant

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Management Consultant by Mind Map: Management Consultant

1. Job Description

1.1. Conduct organizational studies and evaluations, design systems and procedures, conduct work simplification and measurement studies, and prepare operations and procedures manuals to assist management in operating more efficiently and effectively. Includes program analysts and management consultants

2. Degree Needed

2.1. Bachelor Or Masters Degree

3. Experience Needed

3.1. Internships

4. Companies

4.1. McKinsey & Company

4.2. Deloitte

4.3. PriceWaterhouseCoopers

4.4. Accenture

4.5. Boston Consulting Group

4.6. Bain & Company

4.7. KPMG

5. Skills and Abilities Needed

5.1. Listening to others and asking good questions.

5.2. Measure well a system is working and how to improve it.

5.3. Figure pros and cons of different systems and determining the best fit.

5.4. Recognizing problems and finding the best way to solve it.

5.5. Communicate by speaking and being able to listen and understand people.

5.6. Recognize Problems, make general rules, or come up with answers from detailed information.

6. Job Outlook

6.1. Management Consultants are problem solvers. They work closely with management to help recognize and solve problems within a company. They help companies run more efficiently and maximize profit by coming up with systems and solutions to maximize the usage of there resources.

7. Salary Range

7.1. $49, 700- $154,000

8. Technology

8.1. Microsoft

8.2. Javascript

8.3. Oracle Hyperion

8.4. SAP

8.5. HTML

9. Knowledge

9.1. Business

9.1.1. Management

9.1.2. Customer Service

9.2. Arts and Humanities

9.2.1. English Language

9.3. Education and Training

9.3.1. Teaching and Course Design

9.4. Math and Science

9.4.1. Psychology

10. Personality

10.1. Analytical Thinking

10.2. Integrity

10.3. Adaptability/ Flexibility

10.4. Dependability

10.5. Initiative

10.6. Cooperation

11. Area of Speciality

11.1. Healthcare

11.2. Manufacturing

11.3. Education

11.4. Human Resources

11.5. Information Technology

11.6. Inventory Control

11.7. Financial Restructuring

12. Why Choose this Profession?

12.1. A good average salary of $84,000/ year

12.2. Working with a diverse team and diverse minds

12.3. The potential to travel around the world and work from home if you choose

12.4. Get to wear a nice suit and tie everyday

12.5. Companies always need help improving

12.6. Make a lot of connections throughout different companies