Angela McRobbie: "Post‐feminism and popular culture"

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Angela McRobbie: "Post‐feminism and popular culture" by Mind Map: Angela McRobbie: "Post‐feminism and popular culture"

1. double entanglement

1.1. neo-conservative values + liberalisation

1.2. common sense + hate

2. 90s: self-critique in feminist theory

2.1. centralised power blocks --> power conceptualised as flows

2.2. Brunsdon: “Pedagogies of the Feminine”

2.3. popular feminism

2.3.1. Andrea Stuart: feminist values in popular culture

2.3.2. Angela McRobbie

3. post-feminism

3.1. active process s by which feminist gains of the 1970s and 80s come to be undermined

3.2. equality is achieved --> feminism is no longer needed

3.3. feminism = historicised and generationalised

4. denunciation of feminism in (popular) culture/media

4.1. "ideal girl"

4.2. undoing feminism

4.2.1. feminism = historicised and generationalised

4.3. “political correctness”

4.4. feminist condemnation --> publicity

4.5. hyper-culture of commercial sexuality

4.6. e.g. Bridget Jones

5. displacement of feminism as a political movement.

5.1. “female individualism”

5.1.1. avidly self-monitor

5.1.2. “reflexive modernisation”

5.2. withholding of critique --> freedom