Paper,digital or online mind mapping?

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Paper,digital or online mind mapping? by Mind Map: Paper,digital or online mind mapping?

1. Online Mindmapping

1.1. ✅ Features at advantages of digital mindmaps

1.2. ✅ Stored in a cloud and can be accessed from multiple devices

1.3. ✅ Multiple users can simultaneously work on a map

1.4. ✅ Can easily be shared or published

1.5. ❌ No haptical experience

2. Digital Mindmapping

2.1. ✅ Ideas can be rearranged,added or deleted without compromising the maps clarity

2.2. ✅ Pratically no limit in size

2.3. ✅ All maps can be safely stored in one glance itself

2.4. ✅ Maps can be exported and added to documents and other sites

2.5. ❌ To edit a map from multiple devices, the Mindmapping software needs to be installed on every device separtely

2.6. ❌ Only one person can work on a map at a time

2.7. ❌ No haptical experience

3. Paper mindmapping

3.1. ✅ Don't require a computer or internet access

3.2. ✅ Drawings can be easily added

3.3. ✅ Maps are very personal

3.4. ✅ Haptical experience in addition to visual stimulus

3.5. ❌ Can easily get lost

3.6. ❌ Making changes and corrections tends to mess up the map

3.7. ❌ Size of the paper sheet limits size of the mindmap

3.8. ❌ usually,only one person can comfortably work on a map at a time