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WW1 by Mind Map: WW1

1. Cause

1.1. Extreme Nationalism

1.1.1. Being extremely proud of your country and thinking it deserves the best

1.1.2. More people wanted independence for their country

1.2. Alliances

1.2.1. Triple entente and triple alliance

1.2.2. Alliances were made out of fear or convenience

1.3. French-German war

1.3.1. France lost a territory with a lot of natural resources to Germany

1.3.2. France also had to pay Germany for the war

1.3.3. France was pissed about this and wanted revenge

1.4. Modern imperialism

1.4.1. The countries wanted to have colonies in the 19th century to acces raw materials and new markets for industry

1.4.2. The countries decided to devide the colonies in Africa

1.4.3. People from tribes were therefore split up, causing conflict and seperation

1.5. Industry grew

1.5.1. Everyone was making more weapons and enlarging their military

1.5.2. From the money earned from the French, Germany improved their infrastructure. They wanted to compete against Britian

1.5.3. France was worried about Germany's plans since French industry was lagging behind and population was decreasing

2. Effect

2.1. Total war

2.1.1. Schlieffenplan: Germany wanted to move quickly through Belgium to go to France but Belgium refused passage

2.1.2. Germany attacked Belgium, regular citizens were also seen as targets

2.1.3. Belgian refugees fleed to the Netherlands, women took over men's jobs in factories, cities and villages were destroyed citizens that didn't fight had to eat less to feed the soldiers

2.2. Trench warfare

2.2.1. Lines of trenches ran from the Belgian coast all the way to the Swiss border

2.2.2. Trenches were very dangerous; mud that could swallow you whole, rats, diseases, one peek above the trench and you could get shot

2.2.3. No man's land was the land between the two trenches. When you had to rush over, big chance you could get killed within seconds

2.3. New weapons

2.3.1. Aircrafts and zeppelins. Zeppelins were way more dangerous since they were filled with hydrogen and also very big

2.3.2. Mustard gas and other gasses, rips your lungs from inside out

2.3.3. Tanks, was called a tank so the enemy would think it was a water tank

2.3.4. Machine gun and flame thrower

2.3.5. Submarine warfare, used by Germans to compete against Britian's naval army

2.4. Nearing the end

2.4.1. Russia threw a lot of soldiers at the war, causing many deaths, families left with no men, women and children left alone without any income, all available food was given to the front lines, leaving many who didn't fight starving

2.4.2. That lead to a revolution in Russia, and Germany took advantage of that and conquered territory. Russia was too busy with the revolution and had to sign a treaty of peace

2.4.3. USA joined the war in favor of the allies after Germany sank the Lusitania

2.4.4. Soldiers didn't want to fight anymore

2.4.5. This all led to an armistice (wapenstilstand)

2.5. Treaty of Versailes

2.5.1. Austria-Hungary was forced to split and lost a lot of land, Ottoman Empire lost a lot of land

2.5.2. Germany got the treaty of Versailes

2.5.3. Territorial losses Army and fleet were greatly reduced Reparations for war damage War guilt, sole responsible for WWI

2.5.4. Founding of the League of Nations to enforce peace