Exploring the 1960s

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Exploring the 1960s by Mind Map: Exploring the 1960s

1. Research and pick a historical event from the 1960

2. Make a podcast to help explain what happened during the world war

3. As an extra challenge, trying to compare it to something going on today’s world

4. Research tue New York skyline the Staten Island Zoe , or Tulsa Oklahoma in the 1960

5. Create a 3D mode of one of these place in 1960s

6. Pick out 10 ways the 1960s changed our world

7. Collect those idea in a presentation and set it to music that is appropriate to the topic

8. With a partner or a small group create and record a commercial that perpetuates some of cultural norms from 1960

9. Watch an old episode of a telivision show from the 1960s on YouTube

10. And making a history of them in 1960 cloths which they used to ware

11. What types of currency were used

12. The 1960 Olympic which was played

13. The culture of the past 1960s

14. Yeh vechile which was used in 1960s

15. The vehicle which was used for travelling in 1960s

16. The 1960s fashion

17. 1960s pots which was used for drinking