Drama in Language Teaching

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Drama in Language Teaching by Mind Map: Drama in Language Teaching

1. Advantadges

1.1. For Teachers

1.1.1. Using drama helps teachers with making the foreign language teaching more fun and interesting. When drama texts are being used it is much more easy to keep the attention of individuals in the lesson.

1.1.2. Drama texts are compact resources to use in language teaching. The teacher can use drama as a tool for teaching vocabulary, teaching grammar, teaching students to express themselves, etc.

1.2. For Students

1.2.1. Drama can helps students with finding out what they lack in the targeted language. While participating in drama activities they can understand if they need to improve their vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc.

1.2.2. Using drama is a great opportunity for students to express themselves in the targeted language. Even if the students know all the rules and the words of the language, they need to practice using the targeted language in order to learn it compeletly.

1.2.3. Drama will helps students to understand the real-life usage of the targeted language. Unlike textbooks and tests, drama shows students the language in its natural form.

2. Disadvantages

2.1. For Teachers

2.1.1. Even though drama creates opportunities for better language learning, it is hard to organize a drama activity. The participation of every individual is very important in drama. Teachers need to make sure all the students understands the activity and do their part.

2.1.2. Drama can waste a lot of class time because it is much more complex then teacher based language teaching. With every student having their flaws, it can turn into a waste of time if the class is not suited for the activities of drama.

2.2. For Students

2.2.1. Many students have social anxiety. Participating in drama activities where they need to express themselves in a foreign language can be really stressful for them. It can even make them hate the targeted language and reduce their interest in learning it.

2.2.2. If the students are not used to using that language to communicate, using drama can result in them making many mistakes. Having too many mistakes might lead them to lose courage in the language learning process. It is better to make sure beforehand that students are ready to use drama.