Geoffrey Chaucer and Giovanni Boccaccio

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Geoffrey Chaucer and Giovanni Boccaccio by Mind Map: Geoffrey Chaucer and Giovanni Boccaccio

1. 14th century

2. Griselda (Clerck's Novel)

3. Italian Trecento

3.1. Francis Petrarch

3.2. Dante Alighieri

3.3. Giovanni Boccaccio

4. Striking similarities Decameron - Canterbury Tales

5. Vernacular language: Middle English (Chaucer) and Florentine dialect (Boccaccio)

6. Prologue describes society

7. Frame and novel structure

8. Chaucer writes in a non-polite/rude language

9. Similar novels

10. Knight's Tale - "Il Teseida"The Knight's Tale

11. Courtly love and ancient mythology

12. Merchant's Tale - "Lydia and Phyrrus"

13. Franklin's Tale -"Il Filocolo" and "A garden in January"

14. Not a Canterbury novel, but

15. Troilus

16. Based on "Il Filostrato" and Ancient mythology

17. Differences

18. Various social classes

19. Chaucer: yes, more creative!

20. Boccaccio - prose Chaucer - verse (heroic couplet - rhyming iambic pentameters)

21. Boccaccio: no

22. Chaucer: more character, less written novels Boccaccio: less character, more written novels

23. VS. Miller's Tale

24. Frame: introducing historical contest and character. Novel: each character tells a story