Idea Bank for Opening Sequence

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Idea Bank for Opening Sequence by Mind Map: Idea Bank for    Opening Sequence

1. Thriller

1.1. Blatant opening - hook audience by an intense introduction

1.2. Fast cuts and transitions

1.3. Suspenseful music

1.3.1. Consider overlapping materials for uniqueness (e.g. mixture of rock and piano)

1.4. Consider investigating phobias => heighten anxiety

1.5. Vibrant saturated colours => eye-catching

1.6. Extreme close-ups to emphasise actions while keeping the audience 'blind' to the ongoing development

2. Crime

2.1. Flashback/ flashforward opening to have 2 storylines running simultaneously

2.1.1. => sense of time and growing tension for the audience as they have to keep up with both

2.2. Symbolic codes

2.2.1. e.g. handcuff, blood, mugshot, murdering weapons, sleuth

2.3. Isolated setting

2.4. Canted angles to represent the chaotic world

2.5. Dark colour scheme, filter & atmosphere

2.6. Shots / reverse shots to deliver an interrogating feeling

3. Horror

3.1. Foreshadowing - dark, gloomy tone

3.2. Dramatic irony

3.2.1. Creates anticipation for the audience, hence build up tension when reaching jump-scares

3.3. Symbolic colours

3.3.1. Black, red and white dominant theme

3.4. Iconic props

3.4.1. e.g. mirror, locked door, maze..

3.5. Poor, artificial lighting

4. Drama

4.1. A regular day or narration opening

4.2. May include spoken thought or soliloquy

4.2.1. To build a relationship with the audience

4.3. More use of dialogues for identities, introduction of characters

4.4. Soundbridge implemented to create rhymth & connection between the scenes

4.5. Point-of-view or over-the-shoulder angles

4.5.1. Portray the characters' development journeys

4.6. Midshots and close-ups

4.6.1. Reflect realistic, personal struggles

4.7. Include entrances / exits to establish plot